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Andy Budd about the “Designer-Pricing-Discussion”

Andy Budd hold a little Speech this morning on Twitter about Designers & Pricing. Some very wise words for all Designers! I just put together all his tweets in one little post, so it’s easier to remind and get his points. You definitely should follow him on Twitter!

The one thing holding the design industry back is designers themselves. If agencies continuously under quote to win work, we’ll always be seen as a commodity expense and struggle to deliver quality. Designers love what they do so much, they’re often willing to compromise on price just for the creative challenge. We think that clients have the power because they have the money. However money is everywhere. Creativity is in short supply. The truth is, it’s us designer that have the real power. We just don’t know it. This isn’t a case of price fixing. It’s a case of designers acting professionally and not quoting less time than they know it should take. Don’t give your work away for free. You’re better than that. Designers have all the power. They just need to be willing to use it. If you don’t like the terms, walk away. Designers, you do realise that you’re allowed to negotiate? If you’re clients are only buying based on price, are you sure they’re the right clients for you? Price sensitive clients usually aren’t the best. For the majority of clients, price is just one issue, and rarely the most important one. If you’re willing to give it up on the first date, don’t be surprised if you get a certain reputation. Indeed I have, based on 7 years of running a business and many discussiosn with other designers and agencies. Designers should always be pushing for more, rather than settling for second best. Clients are able to negotiate on price when their is a glut of undifferentiated options on the market.

The solution. Be different and set yourself apart from the competition.

Update Dec 3, 2011: Andy Budd has now written a blog post about it. “Why Designers are holding themselves back”.

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