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Beyond Tellerrand 2011 Talks


For quick reference, we’ll put up all the links to the talks held at #btconf as we (@webrocker & @beckenhaub) find them.

This post will be updated a lot I guess, so please come back later.

But first things first: Many thanks to Marc Thiele (@marcthiele) for make all this happen!

Speakers and talks

Heiko Behrens (@hbehrens):
Mobile Apps With Javascript – There’s More Than Web

Jon Tan (@jontangerine):
Welcome To A Brave New World Of Web Type

Steph Hay (@steph_hay):
Who Cares About Content?

Chris Heilmann (@codepo8):
Breaking The Barriers – Moving Browsers And The Web Forward (Slides | Audio)
Watch the talk on vimeo

Tomas Caspers (@tcaspers):
How To Sneak Accesability In Your Project Without Anybody Noticing It

Simon Collison (@colly):
Notes From The Edge

Steph Troeth (@sniffles):
Cheat your way with UX (+ Problem Solving Infographic)
Watch the talk on vimeo

Aaron Gustafson (@AaronGustafson):
Crafting Rich Experiences with Progressive Enhancement
Watch the talk on vimeo

Vitaly Friedman (@smashingmag):
The Invisible Side of Design

Not linked yet

Naomi Atkinson (@naomisusi):
Going Beyond

Seb Lee-Delisle (@seb_ly):
CreativeJS – Beauty in the Browser
See the live coding examples from the talk

Yves Peters (@baldcondensed):
Trajan in movie posters: the rise and fall of the Roman Empire

Dan Rubin (@danrubin):
Hands-on Prototyping with HTML & CSS
Watch the talk on Vimeo

Des Traynor (@destraynor):
Creating Dashboards & Data Visualisations that Resonate

Jake Archibald (@jaffathecake):
Reusable Code, for good or for awesome!
Watch the talk on Vimeo


Not a conference talk, but…
Workingdraft Podcast 48 by @DerSchepp (and lots of others) with @naomisusi:
workingdraft 48

youtube direct gebabbel

Photgraphs of speakers courtesy (cc) stn1978 / Stefan Nitzsche


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