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The Things We Have And Haven’t Learned (Yet)


The life of a designer, developer or running-your-own-business-person is great, but can be very frustrating at times.

After beeing in the industry for a long time now, we are still learning every single day. As we all know, there will always be something new to learn – and besides the ever evolving technologies behind the stuff we do – there are numerous lessons that need to be learned (sometimes the hard way) as well.

Today, we get a lot of our daily information that our knowledge builds on from the web, years ago that was still books, but this has drastically changed in the last few years. The world of design and web development is fostered by a large community. Since we feel that the only real wisdom is the one that is shared, we want to give something back to this community as well.

When talking to other designers, developers and friends from the industry – no matter how successful, large the corporation, how much experience and so on – one realizes that (almost) all of them run into the same problems and challenges.

There is a lot of good blogs, magazines and such out there that focus on design, web development, best practices and a lot more. We want to share our “lessons learned”. We are also planning to post other things that we think are noteworthy, fun, interesting or helpful in any way. The how, when and why is something we are still unsure about ourselves, so this will become another lesson learned for us in the future.

Enjoy the reading. We are always happy to hear your feedback and suggestions.

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